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Medico Supplies is at the forefront of advancing precision engineering within the medical industry.

Medico Supplies pioneers precision engineering in the medical field, crafting cutting-edge industrial carving machines tailored for a range of applications, from prosthetic models to orthotics. With a commitment to innovation and quality, we empower medical professionals to create custom solutions with unmatched precision and efficiency, revolutionizing patient care and advancing the boundaries of medical technology.

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For more than 20 years we have dedicated our efforts to transform our industry. Its undeniable that taking a mold, modifying the resulting cast and fabricating on it, is a tried and tested process to creating quality devices, it is without question an art form. Medico s is transforming that art form into a science.

Medico is pleased to provide a turnkey solution to going digital, saving enormous amount of time and at the same time allows you to have a scientific approach to design and manufacture

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We have committed ourselves to revolutionizing our industry. The process of taking a mold, modifying the resulting cast, and fabricating on it is a wellestablished method for creating quality devices an undeniable art form. Medico is elevating this art form into a science.